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    Mark Fisher centerfold

    Yeah I know.
    That's a mental image you won't shake for a while LOL

    Just wanted to say congrats to Mark on the photo essay of his work in the latest Custom Rod Builders Journal.
    Some fantastic work given the world wide exposure it richly deserves.
    Onya Mark!


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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    well done mate , totally deserved as well

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    congrats mark....

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Thanks guys. I really do appreciate your thoughts. Dan must have been hard up for someone to fill the centerfold pages. I really had to convince him to keep my clothes on. Anyone caught big snapper in the nude!

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Congrats Mate .....also have to complement you on your photography skills as well..some great shots

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Great stuff Mark you deserve it!!!

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Great to here and well deserved is there any pics to see.

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Thanks again everyone. I used a couple of the game rod Urushi's taken at a place called the Big Picture. It is the biggest continuous painting in the Southern hemisphere and hopefully helped frame my rods. The other page was
    Attachment 100832Attachment 100835.Attachment 100830a collage of some of my favorites. Stay tuned to Radcrafter as another Ausssie builder and a good mate of mine, Tony Davis from Fishfinder in Sydeny will be the feature builder either next month or very soon.

    Outback Rods

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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Well done Mark good to see an Aussie getting a go.


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    Re: Mark Fisher centerfold

    Thanks Pete.

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