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    A look back at 2013

    A few of the cod we caught in 2013

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    Re: A look back at 2013

    Bloody hell. Some nice fish there mate well done!!!

    Click "like this post" if ya reckon my dog is cute!!!!

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    Re: A look back at 2013

    Thanks Funchy, it was a good year for the cod.

    Cheers rossco

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    Re: A look back at 2013

    Hey Rossco happy happy happy good stuff and may i say great to see thank you .

    cheers Hilly

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    Re: A look back at 2013

    Yes it was a good year gr hilly, have waited a long time for the water to clear up and got two years in a row, worked hard and got the rewards.

    Cheers rossco

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    Re: A look back at 2013

    I just worked it out!! I'm thinking, what is Rosco, the crab king, doing catching cod??

    Then I saw it was Rossco. Great vid mate.


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    Re: A look back at 2013

    Haha Thanks Tony, Yes there is a few of us about.

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