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    Samurai NV8 started

    Nothing exciting for the advanced rod builders - but here's my version of heatshrink X-tube over cork tape (Rodworks) To give the grip a ripple effect I used some Cinelli cork ribbon. I'll trim the heatshrink to length at the bottom where it meets the rubber gimbal cap.

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    Re: Samurai NV8 started

    I like it. How does it feel where the gaps in the tape are?
    Did you use a single layer of tape or two?


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    Re: Samurai NV8 started

    G'day Owen, it's single layer of the rubber/cork blend (4mm) and the handlebar tape is wound on so the gaps are about finger width. Overall it feels a bit firmer than EVA but there's no hard spots. I'll post pics of the foregrip before the heatshrink goes on, in a coupla days..

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    Re: Samurai NV8 started

    Weather not good for going out in the boat so I got on with fitting the reel seat and foregrip..
    Comfort version of Alps triangular alloy reel seat (nice) and foregrip ready for handlebar tape

    Tricky to get the right angle to trim off the ends but needs doing to keep it round and even at each end

    The handlebar tape has it's own sticky strip but it needs a drop of CA (superglue) to secure the end where it's trimmed to a point

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