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    1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Goodaye guys, looking for ideas and thoughts on where to mount a 1kw transducer on my KevlaCat 2400, I have a TM260 and I have a photo of a bracket made that bolts up under the rhs of the pod, this looks like it could be the go but before I do anything I was wondering if anyone has had the same set up? would it throw to much spray etc. I think Kitty kat on here may know something about these but I haven't any luck with him returning my pm.

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    I have one. I only lower it below 12 knots as it does kick up a lot of water at higher speeds. Bottom discrimination is great. Hooked up to a 585.
    ROLL TIDE, ROLL.................


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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    hey mate , sorry I have been away in NQ for work but I will try and find a few pics for you , yes off the pods is the way go and will achieve 40knots and perfect readings I will call a guy I fitted one for and see if I can get some pics for

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    cheers for that mate, did you get the bracket made or have you the dimensions so I can get one made localy?thanks for your help regards mark

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Did you manage to get some pics Kitty Cat??
    I'm interested in the also


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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    hi kaypee, I have a photo if you pm me your email I will forward it on,cheers mark

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Here's a pic of one I previously found.

    As for quality spray deflectors check out this link:
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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Hi Mate, Thanks for that but it doesn't look like that is on a KevlaCat pod??? Cheers Mark

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Correct it isn't ..i was posting for the retractible bracket

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    All the rage with 1kw transducers if you have no access too lower floor for a thru hull is to
    fit the same thru hull ducer on a custom bracket that forms a continuation of the hull.
    SS bracket approx. 150L x 100H x150W and mount the thru hull to this. p.s the SS264W
    ina 200 or 50khz or both is the ants pants in 1kw set ups. How much room do you have
    from hull to bottom of pod ?
    Regards frank

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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Finally got around to fitting transducer, got a new sounder to go with it, pretty impressed, simrad 2009 first time on the water, picked up bottom to 28knots, impressed
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    Re: 1kw Transducer on kevlacat

    Hey Hilta, any chance of a pic from the back of pod?

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