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    Question Alternatives to EVA grips

    Hi All, I'm finally getting around to building a couple of blanks for myself, a 2pc CST 12-18kg Seamaster and a Samurai NV8 (thanks to Stuart for the butt extension piece)
    I have some black + white "variated" EVA grips with a really nice wavy pattern through them but they need a bit of slimming down, and I don't have the means to do a decent job of shaping them - using a drill I always end up making them off centre..
    I'm thinking of using cork tape ( I have some from Rodworks) with X pattern heatshrink, they'll end up around 25mm OD at the butt end of the NV8, and the same all the way through the butt section of the CTS. I'm wondering if there's any other materials and methods I don't know about - anybody got any other alternative grip ideas ?

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    Re: Alternatives to EVA grips

    there is flock over cork, leather over cork or you can checkout the tourstar grips........................

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    Re: Alternatives to EVA grips

    Mate I am getting a wood turner to make a complete set of grips made out of campher laurel wood for my next project


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    Re: Alternatives to EVA grips

    If you have a rod lathe then turn them on that.
    Either glue them into your blank or use a dowel.
    Just take it outside or away from your wrapping bench as the dust goes everywhere!


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    Re: Alternatives to EVA grips

    No lathe of any kind, I don't build enough rods to need one, just a couple for myself every couple of years

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