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Thread: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

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    Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    had a go at turning some aqua pearl acrylic for the reel seat and winding check
    also made flock for grip
    will post some pics of the binding when finished
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    Re: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    A great job all round. That flocking looks tops. What did you use for the glue? I had trouble with my last one because the glue I used wasn't right. I've been told (by Donjer) that oil based paint works just as well?

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    Re: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    ive tried quite a few paints over the last couple of years
    the best i have found is "white Knight" epoxy enamel
    make sure u get the same base coat colour as the flock
    did you see the flocking pdf i posted last week ?
    im probably going to purchase the compressed air flocker which will let me use larger fibers

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    Re: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    Yeah thanks for that post. I have had a flocking kit for years now and done some grips with that kit. When I went to change colours I could get the flock but not the glue. Good to know I can use enamel paint.

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    Re: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    Love the real seat and check. Looks really great.

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    Re: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    thanks barrick, it is the first time i used the solid acrylic bar
    it was a challenge to line bore the center , but i modified the old clemens tackle chuck i had and it turned out ok
    i broke the first one but luckily i had enough left to make another one

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    Re: Rainshadow RX8 XMB843-TC handle

    I'm thinking of getting a small metal lathe this year if everything goes well with my house move. Planning on doing some aluminium work with it. That acrylic work may go well on the metal lathe.

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