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Thread: fish hawk and gudebrod

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    fish hawk and gudebrod

    I just brought another spool of fish hawk to compare with the gudebrod i already have
    I have suspected they were the same thread ever since i used my first spool of 336 fishawk
    Side by side they look the same , even the bare code number is the same
    The metallic is definitely different to gudebrod, its way better and very supple
    I know a guy that has $4000 worth of this stuff sitting under his house (and thats wholesale)
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    Re: fish hawk and gudebrod

    Gudebrod are a thread manufacturing company. Most of the "rod building" thread companies just buy thread from some other thread mill.
    So fish hawk may well have been buying off gudebrod.
    If so they have a problem.
    Rod building thread is/was a very small part of gudebrod business. I heard a couple of years ago that their financial woes started with the loss of a contract making dental floss or some such thing.


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    Re: fish hawk and gudebrod

    yer i thought as much
    this spool is from old stock (5 years or so)

    hope the new fish hawk is not just re-badged pro crap!

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    Re: fish hawk and gudebrod

    Its much like LCD and Plasma Tv screens, only 3-4 companies on earth make them, and how many brands are getting around? Gudebrod is a/was a fantastic thread. Its not all about how it feels, whats of more importance to me is is its longevity. How long will it stand up to the elements. I sent two emails to Joe Meehan from Amtac, has one reply, then I shot off another email, then the cone of silence descended. There may be some good brands around, however there is no replacement for running your own tests. After all, there is no provision under the current legislation that any supplier or manufacture has to replace the whole product, only there faulty product.

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    Re: fish hawk and gudebrod

    I use my Prowrap in my tiger wraps as the discard threads. That's all its good for.

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