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    Red claw sommerset

    Had 10 pots in today. Launched off the spit. Ran the pots along the banks near the wall. Used half honeydew melon, half par cooked potato. Checked them 3 times over 4 hrs.......... 4 red claw! Oh dear!

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    Re: Red claw sommerset

    Hello mate,
    You'll find this time of year they really feed at night. I'm taking from your post you fished during the day?
    We were up there a couple of weeks ago and you might get one or two during the day but good catches at night. I've never had much success in Sommerset during the day.

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    Re: Red claw sommerset

    Ok thanks. Might have to go for a camp one weekend. Which end were u at? The spit or at the camp grounds?

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    Re: Red claw sommerset

    We camped at Kirkleigh. The better catches came south of there around the timber areas. Bigger redclaw were in 15-22 foot. The most redclaw came in 6 foot and under.

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