I would like to proudly announce that registrations to the ReelTackle Borumba Bash are now open. To register visit http://www.borumbabash.org. The process to regster is easy as 1,2,3:

1 - Create an account
2 - Verify it via email
3 - Click Event Registration and register for the event.

We accept two methods of payments, paypal and direct deposit. We suggest direct deposit. Once you have registered for the event you can find the payment method details in the "Pay Invoice" link. Early bird tickets are avaialbe until the 14th and payment has to be made before the 15th.

If you are unable to make it but wish to donate still, please follow the above steps. We have an option just for a donation using the online ticket type. We will also be running an online raffle, and tickets can be bought by follwoing the above steps too. They are $5 each with the prizes TBA. Just remember to use the online ticket type.

If you exeprience any dramas with the site help can be found at webmaster@borumbabash.org.

We would like this oppurunity to thank all of our supporters and sponsors(http://www.borumbabash.org/sponsors/sponsors). We would like to also take this time to thank Ausfish and it's community for your support and continuing support.

Once again thank you to everyone. We hope to see you all over the weekend!