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    Thread question

    Just went down to the local craft store to see what they may have useful to throw on a rod (I swear that is why I was there!!) and stumbled across some Madeira thread. The metallic was a Size 40 and 100% polyester I from memory.
    What really caught my eye was the hologram thread. The red one which I missed in this pic looks identical to the Gudebrod Electra red ribbon only much narrower. Any ideas how these would go on a rod? I'm wondering if they are the same as the Madeira Rod building thread. I just don't have any on my to take a closer look.
    The range of holographic thread they had were really nice
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    Re: Thread question

    We sell quite a bit of it check out the range on the website you have to use CP with it being a embroidery thread its lubricated with silicone.


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    Re: Thread question

    Do you need CP on the Hologram one?

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    Re: Thread question

    The hologram one is good for trim but very stretchy. It seems to be some sort of "plastic" rather than thread.
    I use CP, but you might not need to.
    Some people put a small amount of Madeira (or whatever they're using) in their epoxy when the mix it to stop silicon fish eyes.
    It's an easy safeguard if you don't want to use cp.


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