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    Question Lake Awoonga Fishing

    Me and the misso are heading out Lake Awoonga this long weekend for the first time, so just wanting to know if anyone can help us out with any tips / techniques for some Barra and Jack?

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    Re: Lake Awoonga Fishing

    Mate, I'd give Awoonga a miss. Since it went over so dramatically last summer there are very few barra captures being recorded and no jacks that I've heard of.

    There was a barra tournament there last weekend with 25 teams (some with heaps of barra experience) and only around 10 barra caught in 36 hours of fishing...

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    Re: Lake Awoonga Fishing

    No worries, thanks for the heads up mate. I won't get my hopes up then!
    We're headin over there regardless so will see how we go I guess.

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    Re: Lake Awoonga Fishing

    The locals are keeping things very, very quiet up there. There may be a very good reason for that too.........

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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