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    Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Hi guys,
    looking for some ideas for artificial structure to put in the farm dam before stocking with murray cod. I've put a few things together stacking old PVC pipe and also 20l buckets. Any other suggestions? Other than Lilly pads the dam has no structure whatsoever.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    if you could get your hands on some shopping trolleys i reckon they'd work a treat.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    I think the best think would be old concrete mixer bowls and cut the steel bars out of the guts. Depending in the size of the damn and the likely size the cod could grow to. Consider getting some concrete pipe 0.6-1m dia and cut it into 1m sections
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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Think more along the lines of what the bait need to breed and survive rather than what the cod need. If you have lillies already you are on your way, but well before you stock the dam with cod, consider stocking it with bait fish/food first. Give it a season to settle and establish, then unleash the beasts to feast on the bounty you have provided. Much easier to establish the food source before the cod.
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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Be very careful introducing Lillies or any other plants. Unless the dam is very deep, they could completely cover it leaving you with a dam full of Cod with no way of getting them out. If your intention is to make a dam you can fish yourself, forget about stealing shopping trolleys. Those things are hook magnets and you'll snag up on them all the time. Old tyres joined together to make a long tube work well, both for the Cod and for any baitfish you introduce.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Tree stumps with a tangle of roots without the soil obviously as well as large tangles of branch material is the natural habitat so why not use it. Consider dropping it so it lays from the edge in towards the centre.

    Whale scuba diving in the lakes in Canada some years ago it was interesting to see all the fish hanging around the timber that had fallen and lay along the lake edge. We dived into the depths of the centre where there was not a fish to be seen.

    The last thing you want is to cover the surface with floating lily pads or similar.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    anything that is not going to snag your line

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Cheers guys. The dam I'm using is already loaded with small bait fish, tadpoles and yabbies and has been established for over 30yrs. Great water quality and depth and has only ever had Lillie pads around the fringes. I have 2 smaller dams and 2 other large dams teaming with bait so worst case I throw a trap or two in the other dams and transfer bait to top up the cods food source. My thinking was the more 'homes' I make for the cod, the more fish I can get to co-exist in the dam. Found an old wheelie bin and cut the bottom off which was perfect.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    three sheets of corrugated iron, tied together to make a lengthways triangle. No matter which way it lands it will have a predictable shape. Is also easy to transport to the location and if you are using old rusty material, all the better.
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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Perfect. There's tonnes of old iron laying around the farm.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Poly pipe spider balls are almost snag free and work a treat.

    Basically they are a concrete ball about the size of a basket ball with 80cm lengths of poly pipe coming out of it.
    It resembles a sea urchin looking thing.

    I've thought about using a bowling ball and drilling it all over with holes and glueing in pieces poly pipe for a few of my secret areas.

    Lines can drag lures through them no problems without hooking up and it is great structure for small fish to hide amongst.

    Cabelas or BassPro used to sell them years ago for home dams.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    I'd be going with the old tractor tyres and old tree stumps.
    Cheers, Doug.
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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Before you put a heap of Cod fingerlings in, remember that Cod are not really a social species. They don't school up and they don't tolerate each other or other fish very well. Depending on the dam size you may only have room for one or two fish as they get bigger. They will sort that out themselves though.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Id just go all natural and use timber and old timber just what you would expect to see in a river.

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    Re: Ideas for structure in farm dam

    Will anyone ever swim in it? How deep is it?
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