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    lamb Shoulder

    Started typing this one last night on my tablet and got halfeway through and the tablet shyte itself / froze and that was it!! Finito kapoutta Lamousika lol.
    Anyway here goes again..
    Several weeks back i was watching some cooking show where this travelling Chef whatever his name was??, was in Spain and caught up with some owners of some well to do resturaunt and think it was a Familly affair .
    Now one of the main dishes they cooked was lamb Shoulder and cooked in the oven as my Mom used to do (God Rest Her Soul) and did use her recipe on occasions whilst doing some cooking in my "Working on Dredge days ".
    Now whilst squizzing through this show they added a little bit of a different spin to the recipe , mainly using wine in the dish beside water,& Olive Oil and thought !!! "Feck, wander how that one would go in the Webber??" and did it as follows..Mindyou only the shoulder needed but i went ahead and bought hale a young lamb and had it cut Shoulder,belly and chops and the leg seperately for simillar raosting.
    Lamb shoulder spiked in several areas and suffed with a garlic clove in each pocket, rub well with crushed Oregano leaves and whatever other rubs take your fancy and let sit for some time till you get your webber started etc.
    Place the shoulder in a foil dish large enough to hold size of shoulder (younger the lamb the better) pour aprox halfe to three quarters of a glass of water to the bottom of the tray , third of a glass of Olive Oil and a hlfe to three quarters of a bottle of a nice white dry wine..
    Do add as many small button mushrooms or whatever ya call them , baby carrots ,small onions peeled offcourse along with however many halved washed spuds you can fit in the remaining area of the tray.
    I only added a few mainly because i had spuds and corn wrapped in foil on the side ( if you have a seperate webber you can do these in that one to speed up cooking time).
    Wrap tray with foil for the first hour and then remove foil to brown the shoulder lamb a tad .
    One thing to watch out for and one that i partially got caught with was keeping a spare lot of charcoal lit up halfeway through the cooking process to stop the temp in the webber dropping as the charcoal coals diminished and the other was too many wrapped spuds and corn in foil around the tray will drop the heat some due to less air circulation through the coals and webber.
    The small mushrooms and carrots absorb the juices and wine and are something else i can assure you ey.
    Also use the juices in the tray for gravy if you like your gravy..
    Well you can guess the rest on work from here on ey.
    Bon appatite or "Kalli oreksi " as us Assies say ey..

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    The texture of slow cooked lamb shoulder is something special. This might be on my Australia Day menu
    A Proud Member of
    "The Rebel Alliance"

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    Have anothery going into the Webber this arvo, will try upload a coupla Pics of "Before n After " later..

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    Piccies coulda been a tad sharper but taken from my samsung phone i guess about itr..

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    That looks pretty good Volvo going to have give it ago myself
    have you seen the aussie bbq forum site it has a lot of good trucker on it
    cheers craig
    from Echuca on the murray river

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    Yeah mate, been a member there fer yonks also. Some info and good advice there.

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    whats the link to the aussie bbq site?

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    cheers craig
    from Echuca on the murray river

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    There are a few more bbq sites popped up since 2014, I left that forum and started
    Glad I finally remembered my Ausfish member password

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    Re: lamb Shoulder

    On my way over. Always looking for a few tips on BBQ'ing

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