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    Exclamation NEW YEAR .......thoughts for Qld'ers.

    Welcome to the new year fellow Ausfishers.

    For those that live in Queensland and particularly CQ to NQ the season brings with it rain, storms and sometimes cyclones.

    This is an early reminder to be prepared for the worst. Although the El Nina / La Nino effects are not leaning one way or the other this year, it is always good practice to have this in the back of your mind.

    I would like folks to pay particular attention to their neighbours, the old are certainly going to need assistance should weather events deem so. It's also a good time to sort out the back yard, clean out the gutters and have that emergency kit at the ready.

    Like many of us, we have all sorts of toys with things like generators, kayaks, 12v fridges etc, so now would be a good time to make sure they are all in working order. I do things like stock my freezer with ice ( that I make in that freezer ), buy extra pantry food as well as some Cryovac meats. Torches placed around the house and a container of spare batteries for those torches, radio and mobile phone. I know where my small gas stove is and have a box of kitchen utensils nearby. We don't need to go overboard, but put in place a small and effective emergency kit and response to any situation, including a good first aid supply.

    Many of you have a good knowledge of the weather and check it regularly, as do I. Along with my daily weather fix, I email my family and friends around the State with my thoughts on upcoming weather systems etc. This is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends as well.

    Lastly, in emergency situations, never ever be afraid to ask for help, even from strangers. Let's be especially careful out on the water and around flooded roads.

    Hope you all have a safe new year, with the weather and fish gods smiling upon you.

    Cheers LP
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    Re: NEW YEAR .......thoughts for Qld'ers.

    Here Here Phill.................and log on.. and off.... with the VMR / Coast Guard, people. let someone know where you are...................................
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