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    The Megalodon is here

    I just got 5 of the PE 2-4 blanks in, 2 at 5'6" and the other 3 at 6'. One will be a personal build for me, another for the missus and another for my nephew. I'll put my Stella 5000 on mine.
    Can't wait to see the finished product!!
    They are a moderate fast action, not as parabolic as the Phenix Titans but very strong. I like the Recon2 blank as well, it will make a good Tuna stick.
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    Re: The Megalodon is here

    They look interesting keep us informed.

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    Re: The Megalodon is here

    Are you going to use the 5'6" or 6' for yours? Leigh

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    Re: The Megalodon is here

    I am yet to decide mate but if I use the 6' I will be cutting it down anyway. I was thinking 5'9". I've decided to get in the two lightest Titans to compare first as well. The ML is rated to 45lb (so perhaps just a tad less than the Mega) and is a much lighter blank. I'm not sure if I'll like the parabolic nature in this line class though.
    to me the lightest Megalodon is a 40 to 50lb rod and looks really good. I'm also just looking at that 30 to 40lb mark as well so here's hoping the Titan slots in there or they make a smaller Megalodon!

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