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Thread: Arno Bay Visit

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    Arno Bay Visit

    Planning a trip to Arno Bay in late March, will I be too late for good snapper fishing? Can anyone recommend accommodation for six?

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    Re: Arno Bay Visit

    I visited in March 2010 for fair result of huge Snapper. The best time to go is opening day following the closure. It is not only the amateur fisho's that give the place a pounding the pro's also give the place hell. Bookings for these few precious weeks are booked years in advance. For accommodation we stayed at the Arno Bay Pub at a very cheap price but that was 4 years ago now; It is close to the Ramp as well. They could cater for 6 easily with forward bookings. The accommodation was.......sparse but there are few options in Arno as it is not a very big place. The Pub food at the time was a highlight not to mention the beer was cold and nowhere to have to drive home either.
    Regards to all Dick

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    Re: Arno Bay Visit

    Thanks for the info Dick. I knew the times you suggested were optimum but work and other pressures make March/April our only available times. Did you try any of the charter operators or use your own boat?

    Best regards Bruce

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    Re: Arno Bay Visit

    It is a long way from Bundaberg to Arno for a Snapper fish so I and 2 mates flew and chartered Ashley Smith over 4 consecutive days. There are two well known charter operators there, could be more now so do a bit of research. Our impressions after meeting the two charter skippers was that Ashley was the better guide although Fuzzles had better people skills. Our brief to Ashley was for big fish; the other charter boat caught heaps more than us but our fish were all trophy fish the smallest being about 5KG with many 8KG+ fish. It is best to release all fish as the cost of packaging them up to send back was simply not worth the effort. I can not speak highly enough of Ashley Smith as a guide; he does not say much but you had better listen when he does.
    Regards to all Dick

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    Re: Arno Bay Visit

    Thanks again for your advice Dick👍

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