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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Funny on the boat ramp. Guesses included:
    And many others - Nobody said tarpon

    Not sure how long it was. I have marked 0 to 45 cms on my yak and this was past the end marker by a couple of inches. Had to use my landing net because the gripper in its mouth was useless.

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    there must be a few different varients of the fish...what I call tarpon are the same as the fish in waynos thread off the the cordal fin....scales don't come off in your hands ....huge tail ....longer body
    I thought the others were a herring....well they are all related ... mmmmmmm

    Mine have been taking zerek live prawns...but watch when they hit the lure....I have been getting them at night at the turn of the tide and running the line through my fingers to feel the hits in the dark but I have some nice cuts to show for it lol they hit that hard.....

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Where have you been getting yours Astro?

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    im open to correction but where the filament on the dorsal fin on my tarpon???

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Lying down against the body Wayne...can't really see it when they are wet fresh out of the water because it sticks to the body....

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    there ya go,,,,

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    They are a bucket load of fun on silly string and even better on fly. Probably only land one in two or three.
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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Tarpon, also known as Ox-eye Herring.

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    It looks a bit like a boney bream

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    I'm going to say I'm quiet shocked at this thread....quiet an easy fish to identify.... I'm extremely surprised by the answers you got at the ramp Wrip.... I can understand people not knowing it was a Tarpon but to name those other fish as a possibility goes to show people's lack of knowledge of the fish in the area they are fishing.... Goes to show why people get caught out with having wrong species of fish.....

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    I don't do the freshwater scene but It looks more like a Boney Bream than the Tarpon I have caught. I have never heard of one at that size though
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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Have a look at the photos in post #9 there is really no other fish with the same mouth arrangement as that except a Tarpon.

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Definitely a tarpon. Caught hundreds in the fresh abd salt in darwin up to 70cm

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    Re: What on earth is this?

    I can't believe this thread has gone on this long and no one has said it...
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    Re: What on earth is this?

    Why whatever would you be talking about triple? He he he....

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