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Thread: Typing problems

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    Typing problems

    Trying to make a post is becoming quite painfull as when your typing it keeps missing letters etc. Found this again when editing my classifieds add. Also the page failing to scroll down to the bottom as it just springs back to the top.

    Ausfish is the only site/forum/program this happens to me on.

    Any ideas

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    Re: Typing problems

    you are not the only one, I thought it was a problem with pc, but no problems on other sites

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    Re: Typing problems

    Yes it happened to me too. You need to change compatibility view settings. Apparently on some PCs it is an icon next to the address bar but for mine I had to go to tools and change from there by adding ausfish. This worked with the typing for me but now it wont enlarge/download pictures people have put up in reports etc.

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    Re: Typing problems

    Same for me too.


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    Re: Typing problems

    You'll notice a little yellow box blinking in the bottom-right corner as you type - it's the AUTO-SAVE function.

    I think that's the cause of this issue. It just won't recognise your input as it 'thinks'.

    No idea how to address this though. Steve.

    PS; You can always type your text in Notepad or similar then just cut and paste - I know that works.

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    Re: Typing problems

    It is a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer, many site around the world are having trouble with IE, hence why they suggest you use Firefox or Chrome or any other good browser.

    You can try and change the compatibility setting in IE, apparently that is why it is there as IE has compatibility issues, go figure :-)

    Could be a plugin you have installed. You could also try to reset IE to its original state (Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset)
    And see how you go from there

    But the easiest way to fix it would be to use a real browser. Try Firefox or Chrome. You will also surf the Internet a lot faster and save yourself a lot of time.
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