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    Purple Spider

    I figured how to do a spider wrap so had a crack. Gee it's hard work and makes me appreciate even more what some of you guys do. Needs a final pack and Epoxy yet. I also realised I need better equipment to do these types of things!!
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    Re: Purple Spider

    Very nice.

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    Re: Purple Spider

    Nice work. How long did it take you?

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    Re: Purple Spider

    Nice work!

    The whole world's mad save thee & me (but I'm not too sure about thee)

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    Re: Purple Spider

    Great job! This must have been an exercise in frustration because those all metallic wraps are the absolute hardest to pack.

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    Re: Purple Spider

    Nice colours as well....Don't think I would of takin on packin all those metalics ....LOL... theres enough work in just packing normal thread...LOL

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    Re: Purple Spider

    Thanks guys. Dave I reckon maybe 6 hours but not 100%. I didn't think about the metallic aspect but soon realised it.

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    Re: Purple Spider

    Great work mate.

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    Re: Purple Spider


    That's all I've got...


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