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    South burnett kayaking

    haven't done much in a while and dad doesn't use his profile anymore, so i thought i might give it a shot and post some pics from a recent trip I had kayaking in the south burnett with a couple of other blokes.

    Missing a couple of pics too but I'll post what i've got. spent two and a half days up there and had an absolute ball with the bass and yellas, bjelke petersen was firing and a we managed couple from boondooma but most were caught in a couple of creeks we found on the last morning.

    first afternoon and second morning were spent at Bjelke, with good numbers of really good fish caught, most of which were big yellas, but a couple of the other blokes i went out with got some nice bass. I managed my PB yella after it buried me in a snag at bjelke that was nudging 50, but there were a few more above 50 landed. Majority of fish were caught on blades jigged near the bottom and there was a hot bite going on at some stages.

    bjelke yella.jpg
    That afternoon was spent on a quick sesh at boondooma with a couple of fish landed, one 40cm bass on the troll, plus a few smaller ones while i got a decent yellowbelly on the blades again. (haven't had a few pics sent through yet unfortunately)

    Next morning we decided to head to a neat little creek where the fishing was insane. Got my PB bass at 40cm (still no photo )after it smashed a little stickbait, plus some monstrous yellas and a stupidly large amount of bass on all manner of techniques. Nigel managed a 53cm bass on a spinnerbait and i upped my PB yella with this fat guy going 54 cm as my first fish for that day.PB yellowbelly 1.jpg

    I'd give a reasonably conservative estimate that between four people upwards of 60 fish were caught in a three to four hour session, and i can easily say the best freshwater experience i have ever had.

    Tight lines, Owen.

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    Re: South burnett kayaking

    Good work Owen and thanks for sharing your report.

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    Re: South burnett kayaking

    Great report mate, do you mind mentioning where you put in ar Boondooma, and how far you paddled? Did you follow the left side of the boat ramp to the next bay or?

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    Re: South burnett kayaking

    just launched from where we were camping (lakeside) and stayed fairly close in, as it was quite windy. fished a bit in the bay opposite the ramp too.

    Cheers, PP

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    Re: South burnett kayaking

    Some nice yellas there in the photos.

    Well done mate.
    Cheers, Doug.
    Love to use Preditek or Kingfisher lures or Viva Lures when I am out fishing.

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