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Thread: quick replies and edits of posts greyed out

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    Re: quick replies and edits of posts greyed out

    Lol...there are a lot of IE haters out there...for a lot of people who started with IE, like me, really want to keep using it....bloody browsers all have different idiosyncrasies...

    When I edit my website, I have to use IE because Chrome won't save my changes....when I edit another Realestate site, I have to use chome because IE takes forever to save it....why can't all browsers be the same.

    Gotta Love Maroochydore.

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    Re: quick replies and edits of posts greyed out

    grunta - might have to see you about chrome - I have looked at it but found that I have either downloaded the wrong thing or I am dumb - probably the latter but all I get is a very bland looking screen and I can't even find Favourites even after I have saved them. also Grunter Bream are on at the moment in Pumistone passage.

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