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Thread: broken fly rod

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    broken fly rod

    Today went to go for a fly fish drove to my spot leaned the rod against the car got somethin out closed the door and SNAP fly rod in door its a 7w fly 2 piece graphite rod the top section snapped so now im after either a new top section of rod or another 7w rod the top piece is approx 53 inches 7 eyes
    anyone got a rod for sale or the section. I live near brown plains

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    Re: broken fly rod

    Wish it was that easy. You need to match the make and model. Sugest you contact the manufacturer. Generally they will ask you to send a peice of broken section including ferrule. Sage have done this twice for me cost including freight about 80bucks.

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    Re: broken fly rod

    join the Aus Saltwater flyfishing forum. There is always a few bargains in the classifieds there.

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    Re: broken fly rod

    Depending on how far down it broke it may be able to be repaired. my 10wt salt rod broke about 450mm from the tip. I was able to glue an insert from a spinning rod tip section, approximately 100mm each side of the break, packing it with masking tape to get a really snug fit . After gluing , i bound over about 50mm each side with "a" grade thread and doped it with 2 pack erskine . So far so good. The action hasn't changed a hell of a lot, but a 10wt is probably more forgiving. Worth the try as there is nothing to lose.

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    Re: broken fly rod

    What Dudley says is the way to go. There will be some loss of action but U will be able to live with I hope.


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