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Thread: A thin band

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    Re: A thin band

    Also, If you are doing an Olive branch, sometimes you need the larger size C thread to make it look more prominent so that it stands out. If you use a size A metallic for an olive branch on a larger diameter blank it will not stand out like it should. There are no hard an fast rules but I do agree with you Stu, size A trims do look the best in most cases.


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    Re: A thin band

    Thanks guys for all your words of wisdom..

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    Re: A thin band

    Some times for Olive branches I use up to three threads to wrap around the thread ...and will pull in another thread on the main thread to double it up ..just makes it bolder

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    Re: A thin band

    Here a pic of a olive branch with three threads wrapped around three Attachment 98456

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    Re: A thin band

    Willo that didn't work mate.

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    Re: A thin band

    It must be a more raunchy lady photo, I think its been blocked by admin lol.

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    Re: A thin band

    He he, that type of olive branch!!

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