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Thread: moogerah dam

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    moogerah dam

    Are there any redclaw in Moogerah dam

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    Re: moogerah dam

    I have herd there are but haven't caught any....yet. Ill be there before Christmas giving it a go

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    Re: moogerah dam

    I got some there a couple of months ago, up the dam wall side.
    Good things come to those who bait

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    Re: moogerah dam

    I got a fair few 3 wks ago , from the water looking at the hill the cafe is on , head right and where the water starts to get a bit dirtier is where I had my pots out . Landed 17 .

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    Re: moogerah dam

    Has there been any decent redclaw caught since, not after any specific spot but what area have they been caught. Cheers, Bondy99

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