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    Dam usage review

    Tomorrow Cambell Newman is releasing his new
    Policy on what we can and can't do on Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams. The big tip from SEQ Water workers is 4 stroke powered boats up to a limited HP size will be allowed on Wivenhoe, albeit at idle speed.
    Interesting times ahead!

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    Re: Dam usage review

    Well its about time something like this happend ive never been on it in a canoe or yak but it can get a bit giggley at times so this is a good safety thing,ive been at somerset in my boat and in a canoe and that gets sloppy at times when your on the other side of the dam in a westerly so wivenhoe would be the same,i wish they would do something like this on the north pine dam.

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    Re: Dam usage review

    Does anyone know what transpired out of the meeting held in August on the Samsonvale dam usage?

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    Re: Dam usage review

    Latest news regarding Wivenhoe.
    "Environmentally Friendly" outboards allowed (guessing 4 strokes) with a 6 knot speed limit

    More boat access points with specific access points for yaks and canoes etc

    All this from 14th December.

    More to be announced

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    Re: Dam usage review

    That's still not right aussie9. Check out my post for the story, I was at the announcement

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    Re: Dam usage review

    This just went up on the SEQWater website

    In response to feedback, restricted motorised watercraft will be permitted on Lake Wivenhoe from 14 December 2013 as follows:

    All vessels are not to exceed 6 knots. This means if your vessel is on the plane, you are going too fast!
    All fuel powered vessels must only use low emission outboards/engines; such as 4 strokes or fuel injected 2 strokes.
    The new Lake Wivenhoe Recreation Guide will be availble for download on 27 November 2013.

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