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    How big is this carp?

    G'day guys. Caught this big son of a bitch yesterday down at a little lake on my lightweight fly rod. Amazing battle. He measured about 70cm but i forgot scales so i have no idea how much he weighs. I reckon about 7kg, but i have never been good at weight assumption s i could be well off.
    Any rough estimates?
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    Re: How big is this carp?

    Im guessing 3.5kg?

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    Re: How big is this carp?

    Cheers mate, much appreciated!

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    Re: How big is this carp?

    I'm with Muddytoes on this - probably slightly under 3.5 kgs. We have plenty of them down here in Mexico. Still and all, not a bad mudguzzler, though. They certainly punch well above their weight, don't they? A well-conditioned carp of 3.5kg can pull like a cod of twice that weight!

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    Re: How big is this carp?

    Chunky bugger. Well done on fly.
    I am so happy to wake up in the morning.

    Beats the alternative!

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    Re: How big is this carp?

    Yeah they sure fight hard. Gotta be some of the best fish to target on light gear.

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    Re: How big is this carp?

    What sorta fly did u use

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    Re: How big is this carp?

    Wherever you caught it - and well done on that score, don't keep this a secret where you caught it will you? If there are many more like this one in this "Little lake" I think it's a good move to make a full assault on these noxious fish. This one is definitely a breeder. Not meaning to offend, if this lake is on private property then keep it quiet, if not, get as many caught and destroyed as possible.


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