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    Bundy area fishing

    Hey guys,

    I am wanting to do a trip up around bundaberg but unsure on what river system to choose and where to fish in that river/creek. I own a 4m boat with a 30 yamaha. I wanna chase jacks and threadies. Not asking anyone for their secret spots, just wanting to try and get some knowledge before i start fishing.



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    Re: Bundy area fishing

    there's plenty of live bait in the Burnett, catch some and fish around the bridges, dusk and dawn for jacks.... maybe some salmon towards the mouth Strathdees.
    Plenty of whiting on the coastal beaches....

    I'm getting plenty of casting practice in the middle of the day , as I can't get out any time.

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    Re: Bundy area fishing

    There are a few Salmon and Jew in the deep holes of the Burnett river on livies. For Jacks I would try either the Kolan or Baffle creek systems again with livies.
    Regards to all Dick

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    Re: Bundy area fishing

    Also have a look at Littabella Creek for Jacks. Prime system. Can be difficult to access, though, without knowing locals.The Burrum also holds some brutes. Not sure about threadies, but their namesake would suggest the Burnett is a good place to try.


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    Re: Bundy area fishing

    Top and bottom of the tide at any of the 3 bridges in the Burnett are producing nice fish at night.
    Regards to all Dick

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