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Thread: The Mackerel are back at Plam Beach

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    The Mackerel are back at Plam Beach

    The water is blue and clean and is sitting on 24 deg and the fish are in town,
    On Sat I headed out at 4.30 am from Currumbin creek, It was hook up time from 5 am to 6.3o and then they shut down for me.
    I landed 5 Spotties on the Helco Laser Pro lures and when they stopped hitting the lures I got the last 1 on a 25 g metal slug casting to school of them I could see on the Sounder,
    Finally I am on to some good fish to make up for the last few months of tough conditions.

    Today Palmy didn't fire for me at all so headed out to the Gravel Patch which was dead so made a run over to Mermaid and managed to land a nice Spanish Mac on a Lure.
    I got a message to head back to Palmy as One of my mates on Kayak was hooked to a Marlin,
    I arrived to see the last part of the fight and see him lose it at the yak after fighting for 1 hr on a 27 lb wire trace which is not the best for taking on a Marlin, it put on a good show jumping out of the water.


    Lets hope the fish stay around for a bit longer

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    Re: The Mackerel are back at Plam Beach

    I am headed out in the morning,hope to get a feed.

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    Re: The Mackerel are back at Plam Beach

    Thanks for the update.............

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