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Thread: Gt knots

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    Gt knots

    Hey guys,

    Next week Ill be Attempting to put myself and the Missus on to some solid GT's. ill be using a Saratoga 18000 marched with a 24kg t curve. With 80lb power pro braid with a Bimini. My question is I've been searching for a double braid to mono knot with close to 100% breaking strain. Does anyone have any info on what knot I'm looking for. Plus I want it to cast well through the guides too.
    Any info is much appreciated Simon

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    Re: Gt knots

    Two choices really.. If using a double then get a wind on leader with a dacron loop and connect it via a cats paw knot (youtube it) or forgo the double and use an FG knot... (youtube also) the FG is something that has to be practiced and take time.. the cats paw not so much..
    both will cast fine..
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    Re: Gt knots

    Thanks Nathan.
    I have researched both of those knots. I was trying to avoid specialised leaders, I really thought there would be a double to leader knot but I think I'll just go with the FG. Thanks Simon

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    Re: Gt knots

    I use a 50lb twisted leader and cats paw. And a crimp on the end to keep the swivel clip on.
    Hasn't failed me yet and I have pulled Mack's in with one broken strand.
    Casts perfectly as there is no knot (so to speak) between the leader and the braid.
    I use a chicks hair braiding machine to make the leaders. I can fully re rig in under 3 mins if I have to, when the fishing is hot

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    Re: Gt knots

    Well, i reckon the best leader knot for GT's would have to be......

    The GT knot! (Also called the sebille knot and other names)

    Its the main knot that i use now for all braid to mono/flourocarbon leaders. Extremely strong. Heres the best video I have seen on how to tie it. Very simple.

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    Re: Gt knots

    Mate..all I do is go up through the loop at the end of the braid double then twist up around both pieces of the double and go back down through the loop at the bottom..... Works for me....its pretty much like a blood knot around the double...It's quick and easy and hasn't failed me yet.....

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    Re: Gt knots

    My vote is definately with the FG. You will find the majority of GT nuts around the world have moved on from the twisted leader/double system. It certainly works, but I have personally seen the braid cut through the twisted leader and also some nasty stripper guide damage on casting.
    Good luck with your GT mission! Where are you going?
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    Re: Gt knots

    Thanks guys

    Moonlighter, that knot is pretty much an FG knot.
    Thanks Fishard, yeah it seems the FG is the way to go. We will be hiring a bare boat in the Whitsundays. The plan is to hit the points and reef edges around Hook snd Hayman island.

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    Re: Gt knots

    Great places to start! Also have a look around Langford Reef, just on the Cnr of the green zone. Just got this picture from my mate of my PB caught 3 weeks ago of Cooktown.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Re: Gt knots

    I vote for the FG. Any knot in the trace is a massive lump going through the runners. I used to use a double and the "Cairns quickie" as mentioned above, but once you start using 150 and 200lb trace its a very bulky knot, and I suspect a big contributor to wind knots.
    You shouldn't have any trouble finding GT's this time of year...just remember to fish the up-current side of any points or isolated rocks.

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    Re: Gt knots

    Pr knot is the only one on heavy leader eg 130lb varivas to 180lb leader ,next best is the fg knot.When using the pr knot buy a fly tying bobbin with one of the wives plastic sewing spools wrap it around the spool arm 3 times as the spool doesn't spin as fast as an alloy spool in the youtube clips.Tie a reasonable lenght of leader and most of the time it will last all day and then some.
    imo Graham

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    Re: Gt knots

    Yeap, Graham showed me the PR knot three years ago and it is all I use on my heavier gear. Landed a 30kg GT with a PR knot as the connection. Strong as and goes through the guides time and time again without damage or drag.

    I use it from 30-130lb and it has never let me down.
    I am so happy to wake up in the morning.

    Beats the alternative!

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    Re: Gt knots

    Thanks guys, I have the FG down I'm just hoping the weather holds and the fish are on! Ill have a look at Langdon reef!

    Thanks Simon

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