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    Re: Little RONNIE gets to Lady Musgrave Island

    It doesn't get much better than that. A weekend on Musgrave with your mates. Great stuff
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    Re: Little RONNIE gets to Lady Musgrave Island

    Graeme, Giffo, Neil yes you are right it was awesome and it doesn't get much better than that - the boys had a ball and were on a high for days after - they are just starting to feel tired from the effects now as they come back to earth

    Walrus thanks for getting the family to put up some thanks it really helps gets the count up and most of us have kids with a Facebook account - be grateful if anyone else gets their young ones to do the same and if they tag it to their Facebook it can get more from there

    Richo1, SD, S63, RoyS and Mark - thanks guys for the Facebook likes

    Macca and Bannana - guys I very much appreciate the time and effort you put in to give us the best shot at getting onto a fish for the boys - thank you The problem we had was that the wind was steady 15 with 20 knot gusts on the return trip and the 6yo went green after 5 minutes there and his older brother Angus the 9yo was green upon arrival so we had no chance of doing the place justice - purely a token gesture. If the conditions were flat it would have been different. I was very comfortable there and so was Ronnie and Dave but pain was all around us We got a feed for Dave and his family and really only managed 5 drifts at about 1.8kph - so it was very fishable - a shame but really no regrets as everything else on the holiday panned out perfectly. I did catch a fish I thought was to be okay but it turned out to be an iodine bream with one hook in the mouth and the other in it's size coming up like a windmill. I sent it back as fillets for two keepers though for the next and last drift

    With the wind 15-20 from the North on Sunday and a 1m shore dump we did have to haul gear to the lagoon to put into boat for return trip which gave the boys something to whinge about but really the few walks through the island amongst the nesting birds was all part of the adventure and yes they slept very well in the car on the way home.

    H900 you are 100% correct fish or no fish they had a wonderful adventure

    Ray and Kerri and FisHard - we do believe our boy has every chance for a recovery as he has a zest for life like no other I have ever known and a willingness to embrace whatever to get the best outcome. We are not at all oblivious to what the doctors and hospital are saying and definitely not in denial. BUT just looking at the pictures you can see he looks great and really he is as well as the pictures show him. He can snorkel for hours, he can walk about climbing trees etc all day - he is fitter than his buddies and he is happy with life

    We will just keep doing what we are doing plus more and more to bring about a happy and healthy boy.

    To those of you that have taken the time to visit Facebook or gotten your family and friends to do the same and "like" Ronnies picture as it is up to 58 likes now so a thankyou to:- Dave, Doug, Scott, Con, Betty, Rick, Jason, Brendan, Jim, Blair, David, Craig, Glenn, Perry, Grant, Mark, Evelyn, Emma, John S, Robin, Mick L, Graeme, Neil, Clint, Jake, Kerri, Bob, Brad, John M, Brett G, Bianca, Georgia, Lee, Iain, Lucas, RayS, Luke M - THANK YOU SO MUCH



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    Re: Little RONNIE gets to Lady Musgrave Island

    Trev & Ronnie & the dream TODAY you are doing

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    Re: Little RONNIE gets to Lady Musgrave Island



    From one dad to another.
    I am so happy to wake up in the morning.

    Beats the alternative!

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