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    Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    I'm a bit late in posting this report but better late than never.....Took another opportunity in the break in weather to get back out to the Bunker Group for some spearing....Spent 2 nights on the Kevlacat, 3 POB.

    We left 1770 ramp at dawn and first spot was Boult Reef, the fish seemed a bit skittish on arrival, as if they had just witnessed 100 spears being fired their way?

    First dive resulted in a Spainish being shot and there were more around, being attracted to our flashers.

    After spending a while there we moved north to overnight in the Fitzroy lagoon.
    Next day we did some more spearing near the island and a steady stream of trout and reefies were coming on board.

    Last night was spent behind Sykes reef in glorious conditions. The reef was busy with activity and some nice Parrot, Trout, Cod were found on some isolated bommies. A couple more Spainish were shot as well. Rick got a beauty of a Moses Perch and a Phoenix Tuskfish as well.

    All in all, great to experience 3 days in the water in beautiful conditions.

    Most fish were shot with 1.1 sized guns.....A couple of us have just purchased some bigger 1.3 guns so looking forward to some more bluewater spearing this summer with flashers again. Plans are to dive Haberfield/Guthrie and Innamincka, has anyone had any experience in diving those reefs?

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    Re: Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    Hey Mate, was that 2 weeks ago? I saw some guys spearing at Boult before we headed down to Musgrave. Pity I didn't know it was you, would have said gday.
    Remember to always log on before heading offshore.

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    Re: Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    Hi Haydn, nah that was late September when we did the spearfishing trip.

    Really nice weather that trip, How'd you get on at Musgrave?

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    Re: Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    I see one of you is wearing a go pro, any good footage to post, im not a spear as im scared of the men in grey suits but certainly appreciate the appeal and skill. I let a young guy spear off my boat at misgave a few years ago, i was amazed at the diving depth and length of time he could hold his breath for. Sensational part of the world that.

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    Re: Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    Yes it is a great part of the world.

    I don't know how to attach videos here but Andrew posted a 11 minute video of the trip on Youtube

    Let me know if that link works.

    Username Moggillcreek and the video is titled Sep13BunkTrip.


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    Re: Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    Hey Mark, had an average trip. Beautiful weather but hard fishing. Nice trout was the best fish.
    Remember to always log on before heading offshore.

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    Re: Boult Reef to Sykes Reef

    great video thanks for sharing

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