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    Dolphin Fish Gold Coast

    Hi Guys

    I Know the water is warming up and the small black marlin are moving down the coast but does anyone have any advice on how to catch dolphin fish off the Gold Coast? People have told me you catch them on the 36ers trawling but no one has any gone into much detail?

    any advice would be great.


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    Re: Dolphin Fish Gold Coast

    1) Go out
    2) put out almost any 180 or larger lure from 10 to 100 metres behind boat
    3) head towards any birds or other activity

    clear the decks, cos when they come in they destroy things!!!!

    good luck

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    Re: Dolphin Fish Gold Coast

    They like the clean blue stuffi would say maybe 50meters plus (depth) although you can get them closer.. If you can find good current lines with flotsam along it, seaweed etc that would be an awesome spot to look..FADs work very well or anything floating in the water. No expert but i think a good flasher teaser and a few skirts the same you would use for the small blacks will work well. And they most deffo make a mess of the boat, gaff them and a good whack to the head outside the boat usually shuts them up
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    Re: Dolphin Fish Gold Coast

    The times I've caught them are around FAD's especially the waverider buoy off North Stradbroke Island, not far off Point Lookout.

    Depending on current, drift around and cube with berley, use livies if possible or pilles with two hooks, no sinker....make sure you have a good 50 metres of line out behind, make sure your line does not cross over or tangle up in waverider chains / wires.

    Dolphinfish are surface to midwater, usually just as sunrise comes up is the better time.

    They grow quick and are prolific breeders with a fast recruitment rate according to a fisheries biologist / researcher who has studies them for many years worldwide.

    Once the fish is on board, use a persuader and knock them out, cut the throat to bleed them and put them in ice slurry pronto. Dlophinfish will turn to mush if you don't.

    Tigh lines,


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