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    new toys

    these are a few new toys for me
    they are nothing special in the way of looks just want them to work as i will be selling others in the near future
    since the rbw at dave b,s place i brought a few sets of the american tackle tidalwave guides to try them out and as a fellow member wanted a couple of the phenix blanks i brought 1 to try out as well
    the 1st is a bushido 7ft 8 in 8-15 rated blank. this is a really nice rod,lots of power casts a country mile and as lite as
    the 2nd is a mhx 7 ft 6-12 again it has the amtac mircowave guides rear split grip all blue and black eva grips and a little bling.this is a way under rated blank.its light but powerfull and i would build on these blanks anyday of the week
    and last but not least
    this is a phenix 10 -30 lb rod but it will pull tree stumps out.this has an alps reel seat,shaped eva grips ,single foot fuji :k: titanuim guides and tip, these blanks come with a great wrap and i understand why. again the blank is light ,strong and will get the job done. im even looking to mating this with a 4000 stella once my bank balance allows
    these 3 are to be used by me to see if i would but my name to them as a custom and so far its looking good
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    Re: new toys

    Some sweet builds there Sid ...with great Blanks
    Got a couple of 4kg rods to build one is mine and looking forward to trying out the Amtac Mircowave guides on it...only ever heard good thing about em

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    Re: new toys

    These look bloody awesome mate!!
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: new toys

    They look really good Ian, well done. I will have a few questions on the second blank after you have thrown a few lures in anger.

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    Re: new toys

    No ones noticed the back the front k"s yet hmmmm I like and I also know it works better that way
    IMO Graham

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    Re: new toys

    Mark Newcombe at Taree is selling the Bushido blanks and the Microwave guides. He swears by them. I've only tried one set so far but the really look the goods and perform as advertised. I think you'll be super happy with these builds.

    Outback Rods

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    Re: new toys

    Quote Originally Posted by grave41 View Post
    No ones noticed the back the front k"s yet hmmmm I like and I also know it works better that way
    IMO Graham
    aghhh graham nothing escapes your trained eye.
    yes i did reverse the stripper and the 2nd guide,and grasshopper you will find that as the japaness guys like to give us all good things we dont get it all.even though the k,s lean back to miminise line slap you still have the 2 frames in the way
    and i know i think out there some times but poeple should try casts about 20mtrs further this way with no wind knots ....just ask my dinner tonight

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    Re: new toys

    Good work mate.

    You can turn any guide backwards, whether the angle of that guide is correct then you may not be relising the full potential. The frame style has little bearing on the outcome, its the size and angle of that guide that will generate the distance potential. You will also find that the Japs didn't begin using this technique on their rods until years after rod builders in Australia did. Turning the stripper guide does help in some frame styles, however the whole guide layout, style choice, size, frame and guide foot thickness, all need to be looked at as a whole.

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    Re: new toys

    Great stuff there Sid i see there MHX is the High modulus range,ive not built one of those yet,once you have fished a bit can you give some feed back on it,ive built a few MHX blends and standered MHX and can't fault them yet as you say very under rated blanks for the money,how did you go with the micro guides,i liked wrapping them, but lineing up 12 micro guides on a over head bass rod i built for someone was very hard to line the little buggers they sit so close to the blank the disappear,cheers Chris.

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    Re: new toys

    Look good Ian, well done


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    Re: new toys

    Quote Originally Posted by sid_fishes View Post casts about 20mtrs further this way with no wind knots

    Are you sure about this? The angle on the K's just doesn't look right to me when they are reversed. I would have thought you would have had minimal if any impact on casting distance. I only get around 60m with my spin rods so its hard to imagine a reversed guide giving a 30% improvement
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    Re: new toys

    mate at first I had taped the guides on the right way, down to the park I go for some throwing practice.marked my spots

    then came back home and was about to bind it when I thought about it , changed them around & back I go--same reel same set up same spot. I found more length in my casts , even had 1 of those stupid black &white birds try to take the jighead.

    graham [grave 41] has thrown it around as well and was impressed

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    Re: new toys

    Did you consider spiral wrapping your overhead bass rod to cut down on the number of guides?
    Imo Graham

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