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    New to offshore

    Hey guys,
    I bought my first decent boat a month ago and am relatively new to offshore fishing. I have spent a lot of time in the Gold Coast broadwater catching flathead on plastics so I understand the fundamentals, but went out the seaway on Saturday morning to a few spots which showed up plenty of fish on the sounder, I was using live yakkas and didn't have much luck. There were a lot of boats around us pulling in tailor and sharks just off the seaway, and by the looks of it they were using livies aswell, but I'm obviously doing something wrong.
    Any tips for the beginner?

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    Re: New to offshore

    What tackle and rigs were you using?

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    Re: New to offshore

    What were you trying to catch on the yakkas? where were you fishing?
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    Re: New to offshore

    My Tip is just keep going, and if you can take someone who has experience, so much the better. Remember, it is about the journey, catching fish is a bonus, albeit a fun and tasty one. Today's tip... find a nice person who will give you some marks... what to expect to catch, when, what rig, what bait..... Then just keep doing that until you have success. Phil

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    Re: New to offshore

    What oceanranger said.

    The key to it is not to get into the mindset that all you need are good GPS marks. Even the best spots shut down sometimes.

    It is as important if not more important like oceanranger said to know what you are targeting at the particular spot, what is the best rig for them, what bait for them etc. Use your sounder to its potential (read the manual etc) and keep going and you will crack it eventually.

    Good luck
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