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    For those who love Iluka

    AnchorageHoliday Park

    16 hours ago

    There is a movement to close the road out to the main breakwall in Iluka . So if any of you use the

    access road and wish to see it remain open, you may send an email to Kevin Cameron - Regional

    Manager, Crown Lands Department. 76 Victoria St.Grafton. NSW. 2309 Ph: 02 6640 3400.

    Copy to Peter Birch at Clarence Valley Council

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    Re: For those who love Iluka

    Thanks for that mate. Any idea why they want to close it? Maintenance costs? Could affect the tourist trade if they do that.


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    Re: For those who love Iluka

    Anchorage Holiday Park Update: the council have decided that this will not go to a public vote and the access will stay as is after receiving an overwhelming response from the Iluka/Woombah public against the closure.
    Good news! Cheers Freeeedom

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    Re: For those who love Iluka

    I think there is a general push by Local Councils and State Governments to close access to all good fishing spots that have a no through road sign or similar.

    Iluka, thankfully have escaped the closure thanks to the people who protested against the closure. Thanks for the update John (Freeeedom).

    Cheers, Bondy

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