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Thread: Fish Cleaning Facilities Brisbane?

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    Fish Cleaning Facilities Brisbane?

    Hey Fishos I live in morningside Brisbane, and usually fish off the sunshine coast but by the time i get back in its too late or Im too knackered to clean my fish, so I was trying to find somewhere close by with decent fish cleaning tables/facilities?? Can anyone help??

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    Re: Fish Cleaning Facilities Brisbane?

    Did you mean one at the Sunshine Coast or one near where you live?

    Up the coast, they are dotted along the coast at popular fishing spots and boat ramps like the Kawana boat ramp.

    There is a fish cleaning station at the fishing platform at Murarrie in the Metroplex estate (where QLD Newspapers) is.

    Drive straight in to the estate, go straight through the first round-about. At the next round-a-bout, there is parking and a bike/walking path. Park here and following the path and take a right at the BBQ area about 50m from the start of the path. You will see the fishing platform and the cleaning station is to the right of the path that leads onto the platform.


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    Re: Fish Cleaning Facilities Brisbane?

    Yeah I meant in Brisbane. Thats great I never knew there was one there, thanks Ben!

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