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    Guys who is the best guide on Proserpine

    Hi guys I'm heading to Proserpine in January I was hoping to get a guide for the first day to help me pick up the lay of the land
    Who would be the best

    Plus any tips would be real sweet

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    Re: Guys who is the best guide on Proserpine

    We have fished Peter Faust on numerous occasions. While we do catch fish casting up in the sticks, we get far more trolling down in the main basin. We target areas that are between 10 metres and 20 metres deep and troll speed is 4 to 4.5kmh. Faust barra do not mind a bit of pace in the lures. We find the place does go a bit quiet during the middle of the day, so launch early and fish till about 11, then get off the water till around 4 or so and fish till after dark. As far as lures go, my favourites are the Lively Lures Arafura Barra in either the 150mm or 130mm sizes in colours Green fluoro, or pink/yellow barra. The other go to lure is the RMG Scorpion Crazy Deep (150mm) in fluoro green. Other good colours include Qantas (red/white), Elton John and any of the chrome colours. As in any type of trolling, find the bait and the fish are not too far away. Sometimes you may need to work a school for a while to get a fish to hit the lures. On our last trip in October, the fishing was very tough due to strong SE winds but we still managed 6 fish from 101cms to 119cms in just over 2 days fishing.

    We have not worried about using guides there so cant give you any advice on who is the best, although the guide from the tackle shop in town does have a very good reputation.



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    Re: Guys who is the best guide on Proserpine

    Lindsey Dobe i think his name is at the tackle shop, he pioneered the barra fishing in theres dams.

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    Re: Guys who is the best guide on Proserpine

    I went out with Andy Thomsen at PFD a few years ago and thought he was brilliant to go out with. Helpful and a nice guy as well. YouTube him :-)

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