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Thread: Going to Poona

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    Going to Poona

    Heading down to Poona around Xmas time. Anyone got any tips for fishing the area?

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    Re: Going to Poona

    Very tidal ramp. The best option is to drive around to Tuan and launch at the main ramp. Heaps of sandflies. Good fishing all along the ledges against Fraser but again what water is deep is very deep but the rest very shallow. Watch the creeks they look sandy but have lots of rocks. I have never fished Christmas but most other times and I have not had two trips the same. Everything from bream and whiting to jumping barra and big jacks plus mackerel.

    Ask the locals.

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    Re: Going to Poona

    Watch out for midgees, apart from that, beautiful place!

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    Re: Going to Poona

    yep poona ramp high tide only!

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