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    Barra Lake Monduran

    hey guys and girls
    heading up to lake Monduran for a 4 day Barra assault, its 3 years since i have fished Monduran so i was just chasing your thoughts.

    what do you think about wind directions, do you prefer to fish the wind blown banks, is there a wind direction you just don't like?

    so just post your thoughts here and even personal experiences battling a nice barra and if your fishing up there on sunday we will see you there.


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    Re: Barra Lake Monduran


    Few posts up on the net, mostly fish in the 60/70s bracket, with the occasional bigger one recently 96cm. Really need to study the wind direction over a defined period. Mostly the fish are still schooling, if you find a patch then it pays to work the site or return after awhile.
    Mostly suspending lures and slow stop retrieve.
    Wish you all the best enjoy.
    Heading up next week myself.
    Fish for the future, enjoy the present but think of your children.

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    Re: Barra Lake Monduran

    Heading up myself in a couple of weeks, also haven't been there for a few years.

    Just a couple of questions if I could please, do they still release Bass into Monduran ? And anybody had Barra strikes using frogs recently ?


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    Re: Barra Lake Monduran

    hey gordie, fished hard for four days, 15 odd bumps no hook ups, plenty of bait plenty of warm water great conditions, marked plenty of fish trolling but all sitting 30ft plus, hard fishing but had a great time, hope your trip goes great!!

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    Re: Barra Lake Monduran

    Thirty feet ! Have to dig out the Crazy Deeps.

    We intend spending time casting into the sticks. Still another week and I will hopefully put a report in.

    Thanks Bushy

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