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    Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Well that was a sh*t load of fun!
    First time to a M&G and now wishing I had signed up yrs ago! Cheers to Chong and crew (sorry forget names) who we tagged along with Friday night up to Roonies and also Humdinger and anyone else I followed across the 4 mile bar. The raft-up was one of the best things I've seen and it was great to just meet someone, tie-off and have a beer and a chat.

    Like most reports the fishing was a bit tough with the current & northerlies but we found enough to keep us entertained. The radio chatter was frustrating with calls of 'fish on…fish off…just got a dolly…nice marlin to the boat…fish on…10kg red..etc.' but I was determined to find my own fish in a new area (much to the dismay of my deckie who wanted to jump on the radio and ask where the boys were hooking these fish).

    Well the video is a bit dodgy (blurry and shacky) and not sure if the record companies will block it as they are cracking down on copyright/music use on Youtube (I've had a couple of vids suddenly blocked now Anyway that will be my first and last M&G (for a while) as I'm moving back to Torres Strait (Thursday Island) for work. Included a vid from when we were there previously. Cheers!

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Great clips BR - thanks for posting mate.

    Although you make it sound tough at TI - the video shows another side somewhat closer to paradise if you do it right.

    I also like the way you released the beakie - nicely tagged and fit and kicking


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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Does life get better?

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Hmm should have put this in Maritime Men's Shed….anyway yep a great trip with a great bunch of fellas. T.I. is a pretty magic spot…despite the strong SE that blows over half the year there are always fishing, hunting and spearfishing options.

    Yeh Trev..textbook release of the billie. Would of like to have got a couple of pics on board as it was Scott's first… but I was too busy stuffing round with Go Pro on my head.

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Ah so that's who was in the stingray! Sorry mate but you were at least 4 beers away from us at the raft up. That was me at the ramp on sunday. Should have introduced ourselves. Rude pricks eh!

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    haha….All good mate. We were a bit quiet to be honest… bit hesitant to jump aboard someone's boat incase they called stranger danger and threw me off but should of just sculled a few beers and introduced ourselves… got to meet a few of the fellas. Feel for the poor buggar whose boat was parked halfway up the ramp on Sunday.

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Top vids, BR. Love the TI stuff. Do you worry about stingers up there, or do you keep the spearing to the dry season. The vis looks pretty damn good, too. Cheers.


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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    top video mate,

    M&G's are all about having a good time..
    To all people thinking of coming to one of these events, Just join in and it wont be long before your talking more crap and drinking some strange drink called JOY..

    Your Deckie was right, you should have jumped on the radio and TOLD everyone were you were as you look like you scored a few nice fish !!!


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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Hey Cuzzamundi,
    We dive all year and don't have any issues with the stingers. The water clears right up around the neaps. However, Can get up to 7knts of run around the full & new moon. There are three large reef systems (we call reef 1,2 3) not far from T.I. which are visible on Google earth that are loaded full of crays and trout.

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    good to meet you up there mate
    if you have noticed none of us bite so just come and join in its more fun that way

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Sounds great, mate. Will have tio venture up there sometime. The fishing alone looks insane. Do you see many grey suits whilst spearing? The big stripey ones? Grea tstuff.


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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Great vids, thanks for sharing. Leigh

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    Plenty of whitetip and blacktip reefy's follow you about ready to steal a fish or two. Have had a couple of bigger sharks come in for a look too... possibly bronze whalers. Had divers in the water when a 10-11ft tiger came up to the boat... got them out pretty quick. Some areas are worse then others. So yeh they are definitely plenty about. i wear a shark shield. Mates call it a pussy shield but I laugh when there is bigger or more aggressive shark and they are suddenly hanging off my back.

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    Re: Breaksea Spit M&G (first timer)- Video

    I've gone off Youtube due to all that and not being able to see them on phones and tablets. Get onto Vimeo!

    Good vid. Seen most of them now!

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