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Thread: crabbing ???

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    Re: crabbing ???


    Could you take your mates blow up doll out to fill in for him? works with car pooling right?

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    Re: crabbing ???

    got pulled up by fisheries out in the boat me and a mate and we had 4 pots each with our names on and they said thats how you are supposed to do it so i rang deedi up and they said i could have the 8 pots with my name on them and if i get pulled up again iam to tell the fisheries to ring deedi office up and they will set them straight that iam legal it is the same in freshwater with yabbie traps

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    Re: crabbing ???

    I have also confirmed 4 per person and it does not have to be in the users name it says the owners name. If not I'm probably in big trouble haha I have heaps of pots

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