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    Cania Dam

    Hello All,

    Has been a very long time since I have posted on Ausfish so thought that as it had also been a long time since this little band of merry men went on a fishing adventure I would break the drought.
    The trip took place last week 25/10/13 we left my place on the Northside side of Brisbane at 6am and after a leisurely drive a stop for some lunch and fuel arrived at the Big 4 caravan park at Cania around lunch time. There was myself and good mates Randall and Waspy and we met Paul Dolan renowned Hervey Bay guide at our accommodation which was one of the cabins at the park, facilities have really improved since my last visit with a new water slide and water fountains etc that will keep the kids happy when I bring them back.

    We hit the water at 3pm and headed up to the back of the dam which was very very very very full since my last visit some 3 years ago we began by throwing spinnerbaits around and within a few minutes had landed a nice yella and some Bass,it went a bit quiet so we headed up an old creek here we managed more Bass and a Saratoga.

    It went quiet again so headed back to the camp we were up very early on Saturday morning to try some surface work but unfortunately other than a couple of spanglies nothing else rose to hit the various top water lures we used.

    Once again it started to get to be hard work with only a few Bass caught between the lot of us although Waspy who had alsways wanted to catch a Saratoga managed 2 and jumped another 2 off I managed 1 and dropped one.

    Saturday came to a close and although we caught a few the going was tough, Sunday morning Waspy and I decided to head back to an arm of the dam where we had caught the Saratoga the day before, we started from a point and swapped over to G Vibes and immediately we were onto fish after 18 minutes we had landed 10 fish between us all Bass and a couple of small silver perch, once again the bite shut down so we decided to find the other 2 who were up a little further stumps was called and we began the trip home at 10 am on Sunday.

    Yes a bit of a trip approx. 12 hour round trip but we got a few fish had a laugh so all was good only down side Waspy never achieved his goal of a Saratoga on fly, but this problem will be solved over the next few months at Borumba.

    The BOMBERA cania Bass for Bomber.jpgA nice little cania Toga.jpgAnother Little Toga at Cania in the sticks.jpgRandalls First Bass.jpgWaspys First Toga.jpg

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    Re: Cania Dam

    Nice fish! One place I have to try very nice dam

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    Re: Cania Dam

    Yes Schultzy a very nice place and if you don't mind driving its a breeze.

    The Bomber

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