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    Tailor/Salmon Rod Reel.

    I have just been into my local tackle shop to get advice on a rod and reel combo for fishing for Salmon and Tailor in the surf.

    Based on all the research I have done on previous Ausfish forums I was walking in there fairly interested in a GH Greenback.

    I live in SEQLD. Have never fished for Tailor but have always wanted to. Don't have the gear as yet. This January I am heading to west coast of Tasmania for a weeks camping/fishing and want to get into the salmon.

    I am not sure about the ratio of bait to lure fishing but I wanted a set up that could do both. Discussing this I was informed that while an outstanding bait fishing rod, the Greenback was not the most suitable rod for casting lures.

    The rod/reel that was recommended to me were
    Shimano T-Curve COASTAL Revolution 13' or 12' (line weight 10-20kg) (lure weights 50-110 for the 12' and 70-140 for the 13')
    Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTC. Sold with two spools so can have a braid and mono set up.

    They both looked great. Rod was good weight. They were pricey but within the price range. (B'day/Xmas present!). The rod is a bit heavier than what I had first thought I would be wanting but I am also interested in trying for Jewfish next winter so this rod would hopefully be sufficient for that as well.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had any objections/suggestions before I got too excited and send the wife in to buy the rod.

    Any feedback is much appreciated.


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    Re: Tailor/Salmon Rod Reel.

    I'm no expert by any means, and in theory you went to a good tackle store with expert sales people, but I would have thought a 10-20Kg rod to be way too heavy.

    Your original suggestion of the Greenback (6-10kg) would also be more than fine for the majority of the Jew you're likely to encounter.
    Personally, I'd go with the Greenback. However, that's just my opinion.

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    Re: Tailor/Salmon Rod Reel.

    Must be some thing in the air. Just placed an order for a Revolution Coastal 1302 through MO's as they and everything else had 25%off.

    Its the same blank that my Tiralejo 13ft OH rod is made off and whilst a SOLID rod they are quite sensitive as well. I also have a Ultegra XTC that will be going on this rod. I think it should be a good heavy combo. If the Tiralejo's are anything to go by I would flinch at casting much more than the rated weight with the Revolution Coastals
    I throw a decent star and a whole squid on the TIR1200C with a Torium 30 no worries at all. And from memory I think that's only rated to 110gms

    Bear in mind I bought this knowing I have a Seajigger 315 - Stradic 5000 for lighter work and a handful of overheads for the rocks/beach

    Also on the Gold coast as well

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    Re: Tailor/Salmon Rod Reel.

    I went for a Daiwa sensor surf 1302. Good length at the butt and heavy action. (90-180g) for big baits and metals. Rod was very tip heavy so i moulded a lead weight (500g) shoved it where the sun don't shine, added an extra EVA grip and new end cap. Rod is balanced and casts weight like a mad thing. MMMMM it's a perty red colour to so it goes faster. 60cm tailor on the first outing at Straddie and used it exclusively on Fraser for multiple Tailor and a decent Jewie.

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    Re: Tailor/Salmon Rod Reel.

    Hi Jason.

    I've used a GH Greenback for the last 10 years. Always has a 600 something or other series Alvey on it.
    Hey,it works and works great.
    Solid enough to cast some weight and pillie without the tip bouncing around on the back swing.

    I also use this combo to throw 45g to 65g slugs with back to back 4o hooks.
    Just a steady retrieve with the Alvey, no need to tear a shoulder muscle trying for the speed record.
    The tailor hit it hard.

    If you get to Straddie, look up the bloke that makes the Slasher lures.
    They work.

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    Re: Tailor/Salmon Rod Reel.

    IMHO.. buy an outfit weighted to the baits you are wanting to toss into the surf.. you can run a heavier weighted rod on lighter line with the addition of a double/leader rig... IE: run a double connected to a wind on leader (a couple of wraps on the reel) then put lighter line as the casting line. so you can really put some effort into casting with 30/40lb line on the reel but have 20lb line spin off the reel after the first 5 to 10 meters.... so what i mean is buy a rod weighted on casting not rated on actual line class..
    iIs what i used to do land based snapper fishing anyway,,
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