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    gneering shoal inner Sat n Sun

    Hi has anyone ever fished inner gneering shoals with any success? What types of fish are there and what bait should I use?
    What sort of swell can be safely fished from a pwc?
    Weather this weekend is 1.5m swell up to 10 knot winds was thinking about
    Giving it a crack if it can be fished safely. Have not been out much before so any advice would be handy. If anyone is going out there I'd be keen to tag along



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    Re: gneering shoal inner Sat n Sun

    The Gneerings off Mooloolaba are best fished at dawn and dusk but you can still be lucky during the day. The reefs are quite accessible to a lot of boats in reasonable weather so I don't reckon there are as many big bottom dwelling fish as out wider. Pelagics come and go.
    A 10 knot wind and a 1.5m swell is still a bit lumpy especially as the wind can gust higher. When I used to fish there in my 12 ft dingy with a 15HP I only went if the swell was 1m or less. I like to go in light winds nothing over 10 knots.
    Mooloolaba is a great access point having no bar to cross and I have caught big fish in a lot closer than the inner Gneerings in various spots around there.
    I now have a bigger boat, a 5.3 metre and a 90 hp. I was out from Mooloolaba a few weeks ago in about 18 knot winds and it was rough.
    You could venture out from Mooloolaba and not go as far out as the Gneerings. It's a fair way in a PW. Good luck anyway.

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    Re: gneering shoal inner Sat n Sun

    Mate if you live at Maroochydore, just go out from there, the bar won't worry you on a jet ski. It is a lot closer, straight out only about 3 ks. From there Old Women Island is close with reefs all around it and this time of the year holds Rat Kingfish. Because you can get right around the Island, there is always a sheltered side to fish. Of course all these locations and reefs are better fished at winter for bottom bashing but still fun.

    The Maroochy bar is pretty good to get across 3 hours each side of the high, just watch the reef rocks close to Pincushion Island, you will see the channel pretty easily. Normally onlybreaks right at the mouth and not out further but 1.5 metre swell it will be abit rough of course.

    Gotta Love Maroochydore.

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    Re: gneering shoal inner Sat n Sun

    Thanks for the info guys


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