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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Is there really a small margin on selling seafood? Where does the money go?

    This is a serious question. I would like to know the facts.

    Just looking at Woolies, and Australian flathead (boned and filleted is about $45 per kg), Aussie barra is $34 (down from $38), snapper is $34, prawns are $28.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Well let's start with the flathead it would be from down south and would probably be the pre cut stuff which wholesale is usually around $30kg if it was local dusky which is dearer wholesale boned and skinned it's fillet return is terrible and therefore dearer, Aussie barra depending whether farmed or wild which is dearer more than likely farmed its going to cost mid twenties to cut from wholesale, nobby snapper is one of the worst around $30kg to cut chances are if it was woolies though it was probably nannygai sold as snapper which is cheaper as far as prawns most in woolies is imported or farmed which probably cost anywhere up to $20 wholesale, but when you take into account paying for staff,leasing a place phenomenal amounts of water, electricity to make ice, then you have thrown out product the margin is a dismal that even gets worse when selling wholesale to restraunts that's even if they pay you most go bust eventually in the time I've been working at least five of my buyers have gone belly up and hundreds of restraunts it would have to be one of the worst business to be involved in I wouldn't do it.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Quote Originally Posted by netmaker View Post
    that kind of attitude is the reason indo fisherman pillage our waters (theirs have been flogged to death) although i guess your logic would also dictate that they are not our waters either
    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy Toes View Post
    Crunchy Caravans Pty Ltd
    Quote Originally Posted by samson View Post
    Crunchy I see you also must be a shamature we may not own the fish in the sea but we own rights that we have earned legally to harvest certain varieties at a sustainable level which leave us substantially out of pocket and deserve the right to make a living without criminal fisherman making it unviable for us.
    You blokes are easier to wind up than a plastic toy.....

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Haha......I was going to put something up about supporting the small guy and what we can do to help him get his caravan.........

    Just couldn't be assed

    Well done sir!

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    yeah, good on ya...
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Bored at work, have to amuse myself somehow

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    There is a certain fish shop in Brisbane.... we'll say the name of the suburb has a MT in it, that does buy shamatuer fish and I have not only seen it, but it continues to this day.

    mainly mackerel, whiting and likes the odd esky full of reef species coming out of 1770.

    The supplier takes fish to private residence and the shop owner pays him in cash. FWIW... the shamatuer paid for a new inground pool with the " funds " from about 2 years supplying.

    The shamatuer is not a member of AF.

    And it is really hard to dob on them. You have to know when they are going out ( BTW. always exceed their bag limit ) and know when the exchange of funds takes place. Taking place on private property is going to be a legal nightmare, and the worst they could do is hit them up for exceeding bag limits...maybe.
    It's not who you are, but what you do........ that defines you !

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally


    I must be breaking the law when I purchase worms from a retired fella.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Babbs, dob him in. Get his plate details and email to centrelink, ATO and Fisheries. We may not own the fish but there are reasons why the pros have to be licenced and checked on etc and there are bag limits for all of us. People who condone unlicensed selling of fish (also those who buy it) will be the first to moan where have all the fish gone from an area. I am not a fan of pro fishermen but they have a legitamate place in the fishing world and are monitored and have to pay fees etc. This guy should be reported. I recall Fisheriess picked up a guy in a caravan a couple of years ago around Hervey Bay (I think), after a tip off from a member of the public. He was caught with something like 600 plus frozen whiting and flathead fillets and on the road heading back to Victoria. They thought he might be selling them down there if I recall.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    So far I have not seen sand crabs mentioned. When they are in plentiful supply and easy to catch I am just asking how many do we really need for family and friends before I start suspecting money is exchanged for the reccys catch?


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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Quote Originally Posted by babbs View Post
    I know of a man at Buxton (near Childers) that goes whiting fishing 3 times a day and is selling his catch to pay for a new caravan. He does the same thing when the prawns are running and has done so for years. Even goes up north further at times for the Barra. It is so wrong.
    I know a bloke, who knows a bloke who is in the know. Either you got proof and can justify your claims then report him. If you are only speculating then keep it to yourself mate. So many people out there rely on hear say. Either you know or you don't. If you do then report him. If you don't then shut up. I agree with the guys here you don't report it your as bad as he is if you are talking smack then don't. It is that simple.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    I haven't reported him as firstly could not find fisheries contact, secondly do not have proof. but everyone in Buxton knows about him.(very small place). I do know his name and address but is that enough? Also the day the fisheries were in town he left town early in the morning, Coincidnece?

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Triple, He is not a relative or friend . I just noticed the link you put on your comment and will ring them.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    I think this is a very hard one to control,
    Thinking about it logically & not emotionally,
    Has anyone ever given fish to a nabour, friend or family, could this not also go under an illegal activity?
    Someone ever done you a favour & you have given them fish, well you have also just broken the law you are all trying to uphold.

    What about someone chipping in for fuel n bait to go out fishing in your boat, Is that now a charter business?
    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting selling of black market fish

    Now to the pro's
    I have a few mates down here that are pro's & some of them also buy their fish cash from Amateur fisho's & I have been hit up by a few of them, lucky for me I'm lucky to get enough for myself lol.
    But there is dirty stuff happening on all sides here,
    The funniest thing is, 1 guy I know who is a pro fisho, he always bags out Amateur fisho's selling their fish & I knew him before he was a pro & he was selling his fish to everyone lol.
    It was actually his success at catching and selling his fish to another pro that made him go out & buy his own pro licence.

    But seriously, for an Amateur to be bagging out & selling his fish, He must be going broke fast, cause the pro's don't have bag limits & they are all crying broke, So with a QLD limit of 4 Snapper per day per person in possession.
    So if you think about it seriously, these people must be catching more than their bag limits per day, So this is 100% wrong. Lets get the guy busted for the real issue of taking more than his bag limits.
    Even with our limits in NSW of 10 Snapper per day, if you are actually lucky enough to get 10 per day, I bet its cost you a small fortune to catch them in the first place & there is no way you could be turning a profit from this.

    As for fish prices in the shops,
    Well it's not the pro's making the money, I know down here when Flathead fillets were up at $60 a kg, the pro's were only getting $3 a kg for sand flatties & $12.50Kg for Duskies. A far cry from the $60kg being charged in the shops.
    I wouldn't like to be a pro with the money they make from the CO Ops.
    But it does get me when they complain about us catching 10 Snapper for our family when they kill thousands in one netful.
    Just one long liner in one day would catch more Yellowfin Tuna than all the amateur fisherman in Australia catch in one year specially since most fish caught by the amateurs are C&R anyway these days
    But No point going into that here, this topic is about someone selling fish black market.

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    Re: Selling Fish Illegally

    Quote Originally Posted by timddo View Post

    I must be breaking the law when I purchase worms from a retired fella.

    I suspect this was tongue in cheek are right, how small or insignificant does a crime have to be before it is no longer considered a crime?

    I am sure there is a licence required to gather bait which will be sold. So I guess it comes down to the quantities we are talking about. No one would worry about a pensioner selling a few worms he catches but if another person catches bucket loads and starts selling them, well that is not ok.

    The same rule should apply to fish.???? A bloke catches a few fish to supplement his that Ok as well....I reckon it is when compared to the worm seller....same thing really.

    The same applies to crabs, like Rossco does, catches heaps and feeds his family and friends. All good by me but....if he gets a few favours in return then this is not is how the mafia operate. ... Payment for labour by food, no tax paid.... Just shows how stupid some of our laws are.

    Btw...does any one know any retired blokes on the sunny coast who would like to sell me a few worms occasionally?

    Gotta Love Maroochydore.

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