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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Plenty of dollies in 60-65 mt nor East of the seaway they are in amongst the bait schools and heard of some marlin wide of point lookout . My source is impeccable .. Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    roughly how many k's offshore before your in 60-65m of water?

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    40m is about 10ks 60/65 about 15/16 or so mate... (east of the seaway)
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Heading out for a troll tomorrow, thinking of heading up to sullies, anyone been finding any bait closer?? hopefully will turn a reel and will put a report up.. it been awhile since ive been out for pelagics..
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Hey mate bait is very scarce in close.... I trolled all day today off the goldy and didn't turn a reel.... I tried skirts, hardbodies, gar and livies for nothing.... Water looks great nice and blue and warm but very little bait. I found a bit of bait in 50mtr ENE of the seaway but no fish.
    I heard there was a little black caught at palmy this morning though.

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Palmy yesti



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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Trolled Palmy a bit yesterday afternoon for nothing. Didn't see any spotties either and no-one boated anything for the time I was there I don't think.

    Water was clean and Blue.

    Had a mate land 3/5 Marlin off the GC Sunday morning

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Well i went north of the seaway y/day and we trolled around cotton, didnt go to sullies, didnt see one skerick of bait on the sounder or the surface... as in Zippo!! Had one good strike but pulled the hooks then wound the skirt back into position set the rod and a dolly side swipes it at a million miles an hour and goes balistic, landed that one. Then the next hour and a half for nothing wound the shotgun in and put a red/white 190 halco out set it in the holder and it gets eaten within 10 seconds, another dolly about 10kg... come in closer and trolled and trolled for nothing else, Decent day i guess, water looks awesome blue and warm i just wonder where all the bait is??

    Same mate i went out with also went out this morning and called me mid hookup yahooing with a small black on.. not sure if he landed it though.. im sure he will rub it in later if he did lol
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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