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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    There where small blacks free jumping around the cape on Sunday about lunch time while I was out there! Also heard on the radio that there was at least one caught in close around hutchies

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    I got a small black in close off Mooloolaba yesterday. Water temp was 25.7degrees and nice and blue water until the wind got up.

    Edit: he was sun baking on the surface as we went past and dove down to take a rapala x-rap 20feet that looks like a slimy. Skirt on the surface didn't get touched. No slimy's around Mooloolaba at the moment. My bet is when they show up in numbers, it will be on for young and old.
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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Its funny hey how they will do that.. if you have skirts and hardbodies in your spread they will bypass the skirts to eat the hardbody 9 times outa ten..
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    Re: small blacks tracking...


    do you think it may be that the skirts are 9 out of 10 times placed out the back in the rigger and shot gun positions and the hard bodies are run in close when mixing spreads??

    The boat is the best teaser???


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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    I usually run the short corner as a skirt just behind the teaser (witchdoctor) and a hard body (if i run one) in the long corner spot.. last year though i had one get eaten right in the prop wash and near jump in the boat lol.. But yeah your right they certainly aint scared of the boat that for sure..
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Timddo and i found that last year at Hutchies, they wouldn't touch the skirts but were happy to hit our X-Rap Magnums

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Yeah thats why I always run Singles on the Hardbodies....

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    Im going to swap all my hardbodies over to decoys, havent got around to it yet, just picked the boat up (bring out another thousand) its purring like a kitten now thank god... wheres the best place to get em..?
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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    I get mine from the tackle warehouse but not sure for you down the coast.

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    I just got back from Hervey Bay (visiting the rellies for xmas) fished the foreshore with placcies for flatties.. it seems no one does it?? i caught 11 in an hour and didnt see another person fishing in 3 days?? weird. anyway was just wondering if anyone has had any luck yet?? hopefully the fishing fires soon as i still have 3 weeks off.
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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    9-6-4 plus some vermin for 3 days fishing in the last week 24's to 36's east of the seaway
    they are out there.

    S***fish & chippy

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    YEP I reacon they will be out there, missed today but we brave the weather tommorrow temps are up nicely..
    Keep you informed
    Cheers Mark

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    cool.. just seen the goldy buoy's temp sensor has jumped up quite a bit today..
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    Re: small blacks tracking...

    While I would prefer to fish in nice blue warm water, all except the 1 fish I got yesterday in 25deg, were caught in green water under 24deg.
    dont put all your faith in the temperature by itself.
    S***fish & chippy

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    Re: small blacks tracking...


    Went out solo myself yesterday from PT Lookout, went over south passage about 6 am.
    Tolled for the whole time I was out there all over the place, primarily a spread of skirts, water temp in close arounf Pt Lookout was 25.4 and out wider it just increased the further you went out, peaked for me at 26.8 on the 80M line a few NM north of the waverider.

    Picked up 2 dollies from 2, and they both hit the same skirt in the same position, even though they were a totally different school of fish.

    Seems to be the bigger dolllies are up around cape moreton and hutchies?

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