It has been many years(25 or so) since I made the trip from Ipswich to Leslie dam. I know that I caught dozens of Yellow-Belly while I was there in my small tinny.

I no longer have a tinny but I do have a small fishing Kayak and would like to try again now that I have retired and have more time for the trip.

I think I turned left at Warwick on to the New England highway and then right after about 10K to 15K on to a smallish road that eventually changed to a dirt track(need to know name of road).

This led me to a small creek which in turn carried on to the main dam. It was in the creek that I caught all the fish.

Does anybody know the area I am talking about?

Would it have been Glen Creek maybe?

Some more exact directions would be great

There was no ramp there and it was tricky to get my tinny into the creek but a kayak should be easier.

I could go to the main dam but I don't like taking my yak into open water just in case I fall off and drown. I can swim a bit but don't like to risk it

I tried Google maps but my memory is being stretched and I am not 100% sure what I am looking for...