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    killer mullet fly?

    Im new at fly tying and i wanna tie some flys for mullet or some other saltwater fish. I have white deer tail white thread white chanel and white hackle. Has anyone got a easy pattern i could use i tryed a bread cube fly anddidnt turn out too good but im willing to keep trying to tie something to catch a mullet or something simular

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    Re: killer mullet fly?

    Hi there Natthank92,bucktail isnt the best for this some deer belly is better as it floats,but since thats all you have just spin some bucktail on you hook and trim to shape, lay a hank of bucktail on the shank put a couple of wraps on it and use your thumb to spread it around the shank then you have to pull down hard enough for the buck tail to flair up as you put more wraps on and pack it along the shank use a pen tube for this [just take the middle out of a pen] and repeat this until the shank of the hook is covered.

    tip dont pull down to hard or you will break the thread or cut through the bucktail, kevlar thread is best for this .

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    Re: killer mullet fly?

    Thanks chris ill give it a crack tomorrow

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