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    Silver City G-Urushi

    This is a theme rod (not finished yet - 2-3 coats more of finish) to be auctioned off at the Batemans Bay Game Fishing Club Tournament in January, 2014. The theme is "From the Ocean to the Silver City" Ian Miller, is also building a rod for auction and his will represent the "Ocean" and mine will represent the Silver City. Broken Hill was names the Silver City because if had the biggest and highest grade silver ore in the world at one stage. I wanted the colours of the G-Urushi to represent the area and even hold some "opal" (really abalone shell).

    I haven't finished the grips yet. It is going to have an anthracite flocked grip which will be something really different but will compliment the AFTCO black Unibutt.
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    Looks great mark.!
    Anthracite grips?
    You mean in colour?


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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Thanks Owen -
    Sorry about that - yes anthracite in colour (grey/black speckled appearance) over cork and yes, I will wipe that grubby fingerprint off the roller.

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Really like how your doing your urushi's......Killer work

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Thats very nice Mark, the colour scheme is better than the first one you showed everyone, i bet you will be busy doing a few more once the rest of the tournament guys see this one.

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Mark , that is one of the best G-Urushi I have seen so far , the whole rod is outstanding .

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Thanks for your comments guys.
    Chris I hope I do get a few orders from the Tournament guys but to be honest, there is a heap of work in these and I don't know if anyone could get away with charging enough to fully cover them.

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    More brilliant work Mark!!

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Whoever put this crap on the forum needs a bullet!

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Good to see, the forum hacker has been deleted.

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    What did I miss?

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    Re: Silver City G-Urushi

    Mate there was a message came up that had nothing to do with the photos or rodbuilding at all. It's great to see the moderators are onto this sort of crap and get rid of it quickly.

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